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Round profiles and hollow profiles

Raw materials: Epoxy resin, either glass, carbon or basalt fibres

The blanks (rods and tubes) are manufactured completely in Switzerland. The raw materials used for the high-quality round profiles consist of application-specific fibres and epoxy resin. These are tempered for 12 hours for slow and complete hardening and are the further-machined to produce the customer-specific product.

Hollow profiles as of Ø 5 mm are cross-reinforced with radial fibres at the centre of the laminate during the process of pultruding. This achieves an extremely high delamination strength. The fibre quality is selected on the basis of the finished-part requirements.

Technical data:

Dimensional accuracies:up to h6 H6
Diameters:1 - 60 mm
Bores:up to Ø 0.6 mm
Standard lengths:3'000 mm
Wall thickness:from 1.0 mm

Product examples:


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