Unsere Erfahrung - Ihr Vorteil

It is hard to imagine life today without composite materials. The advantages of being virtually unlimited design capabilities with low weight, high chemical and physical resistance and high resistance to weathering influences are properties which are appreciated by the hobbyist and large-aircraft builders alike.

What makes us different?

We offer a corporate cluster for integral solutions. We actively support in composites projects from planning through to the end product which has been machined with high precision. We can offer you short production and delivery times for standard products.

Precision parts and precision profiles

Zoom: high precision profiles and machine components

We manufacture profiles, threaded rods and machine components completely and machine them with very high precision. The fibre used in the composite material sets the limit of feasible precision.

Mouldings, machine and installation components

We are able to work out questions and requirements which are not of routine or ordinary with highly diversified production methods which exist only in a corporate cluster.

GRP pipes made of epoxy and vinyl ester resin

TPR Fiberdur GmbH, D-Aldenhoven, has been a reliable problem-solver and supplier for many years now.

Standard round profile (rods)

Profiles mades of standard resin, glass fiber-reinforced, are manufactured directly by us and offered at extremely competitive prices - but with Swiss-made quality!

Carbon fibre-reinforce machine components

Zoom: block material for machine industry

Finished-machined parts for the machine and engineering industry are offered with block material which we produce ourselves.

Examples of application and use of our composites:

Zoom: stainless steel (0.2mm) / carbon fibre tube

Machine and engineering industry

Weaving machines

Railway carriages

Zoom: CFRP blank for probe

Measurement industry

Measuring probes

Ultra-high-voltage measuring instruments

Zoom: CFRP / PEEK Surgical retractor (show piece)

Medical engineering




Zoom: Pneumatic cylinder, entirely out of GFRP or CFRP

Automotive industry

Special-purpose parts


Zoom: Resistance heating, GFRP insulation and CFRP or copper electrical conductor

Power engineering

Wind power plants

Offshore equipment

Refrigeration applications down to 3°K

Zoom: GFRP threaded rods and nuts (M5 - M40)

Structural engineering

Glass construction

Fastening equipment (facade)

Tunnel reinforcements

Zoom: Lamp housing out of GRP, translucent, vandal-proof (city park of Uster, CH)


Light fixtures

composite parts for robotics


Gripper mechanisms

Permanently flexible guides